Shingles? Really!!?

I started my shut down projects, knowing that this is a really good opportunity to get that exercise I've been "trying to do". I dug some holes for a new gate, and was feeling really good.
I was taking this opportunity to practice a new workout that I've found, swinging Indian clubs.
I think it's a good way to open the chest and mobilize the ribcage and shoulders. This is the place that I'm focusing on lately, having already spent time in the past years focusing on the hips and low back and my neck and shoulders. I was making progress on breaking up the tension in my mid back and rib cage. I was backbending on yoga blocks to help with this. I was getting sore in my ribs from all of this, but I feel like that is almost always a good sign when you are doing work that is challenging to the status quo of the structure.
Next thing I know, I have a rash that pops up on my ribcage on the right side from my sternum wrapping around to my back. I had been working shirtless some and thought I had been exposed to poison Ivy, but it didn't itch. Weird! It took me a couple of days as it started to hurt to figure out that it was shingles. Question: Did the mechanical leverage into my structure break this loose? They say that after you have Chickenpox the virus is dormant in your spinal nerves.
My wife is of the opinion that it is related to the affect of stress on my immune system. This is also a plausible explanation. She sees the amount of news that I'm watching, and is sure that it's wearing on me. I feel like I am looking to get all the information that I can, in order to feel like I understand the situation properly, and that it actually makes me feel better. Still, as always, I could be fooling myself. One thing I know is that I never finish hashing out my body and mind and their attending issues. One more opportunity to evolve, Woohoo!