Massage work, for me, involves a sacred trust. You can expect me to be professional and to show you the respect you deserve. I have been at this a long time, twenty five years, and I’ve done thousands of massages over that period of time. I have never lost the sense of honor I have that people are willing to trust me to work on them.

My work has been from the beginning, a meditative and compassion provoking experience for me. It is slow and careful, sometimes pleasant and sometimes intense. It is not my intention to be sensually provocative, or to lull you away with softness. As a man, I work in a more direct way. A little bit of pressure to get to your tension, done with care and compassion can go a long way to help break up chronic, habitual stress/tension patterns. I rely on feedback to keep it at a tolerable level, and count on you to help me find the right amount of pressure.

Trust is an integral part of the work I do. The only way to relax deeply is to find a way to trust. Trusting that I know what I’m doing, that I won’t hurt you, and then to letting go is not easy. Our instincts, especially under stress, make us profoundly conservative about trusting anything. When we are under stress, our most primitive self-preservation programing tells us to be guarded, and not to relax. It feels vulnerable to the primitive part of our brain. Obviously this is detrimental if it keeps one from relaxing, as the anxiety is never cleared from the body. I believe this is what keeps us in overstimulated, stressed states. Helping people to learn to relax deeply is my calling. It is potentially profound work, to be done with care, and it is a sacred trust that I don’t take lightly.