My bodywork is a straight forward, therapeutic type of work. It is deep, but it’s not heavy handed. I try to get into your tension slowly, to allow for time for you to adjust to the intensity.

In a conventional spa or relaxation massage, the point is to be in a relaxed and blissful state while you’re on the table. By contrast, in my approach the time spent on the table may be more challenging to your ability to relax, calling your attention to your stress /tension levels in order to address them. The result is to actually take your relaxation deeper, improve your functionality, and make you feel increasingly better over time.

I don’t use oil. I use a water based massage cream that absorbs like lotion, and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. The pressure in this type of work requires some traction on the skin to transfer the pressure deeper into the structure. This puts leverage into the connective tissue and even the skeletal structure, bringing blood supply and nerve stimulation (awareness) deeper into the structure. In fact, much of the session I work through the sheet because it allows for pressure without slipping.

I will work with you in four different positions, including prone (face down), on each side, and then supine (on your back). This side lying work is also not commonly used, but is very effective to get into places which one can’t get leverage to work into otherwise (especially the low back and hips). The reason I do 90 minute sessions is that it takes that amount of time to get through these positions, and to work through all the most important areas of restriction.

My draping is careful, so you should feel like you are well covered. I will preserve your modesty. I know receiving a massage is a vulnerable state to be in, and I want you to feel at ease.